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We are experts at Social Media Marketing and we have created a proven system that combines the power of the internet and the desire for a brighter smile to drive new local dental leads through your doors fast.

Watch this brief video to see how we do it!

Drive New Local Dental Patients

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Need New Dental Leads Fast?

There is no arguing that the best new dental leads come from word of mouth marketing. If you provide the best possible service and treat your patients like family you will succeed and periodically get new leads.  Unfortunately, periodically just will not do for business growth. You need a steady stream of new leads.

That’s where we come in.

Our one, and only focus is on driving new dental leads to your office using the fast-paced world of internet marketing. By keeping our eyes on the road and implementing our unique strategy, we deliver a constant flow of highly targeted local clients. FAST Find out more…


Using the latest internet marketing techniques along with our proven client acquisition system, we advertise across various social media platforms to bring you new dental leads fast.

Capture Lead

Our system goes well beyond simple advertising. We have a proven system that targets specific individuals so we draw many, many more leads that actually convert.

Follow Up

We never miss an opportunity to convert potential clients into new patient. By continuing to target these undecided individuals, we increase your return on investment to get you maximum value.

Online Advertising that will
Grow your Business FAST

  • Grow Your Business Fast

    New Dental Leads It has never been easier to grow your Dental Practice. Our client acquisition system is the perfect fit for  Dentists who are using a traditional marketing campaign to attract new patients. It is also a great start if you are just starting out. Internet Marketing provides instant results that are easy to measure. You won’t spend thousands of dollars just hoping there will be a magical payoff many months down the road.

  • Geographic Area Guarantee

    We work for YOU and not your competition. Other marketing companies divide all their patient leads among as many dentists as they can. We say NO this shady practice! You get ALL the leads that we advertise on your behalf. You are locked in to your geographic area and we will not advertise for anyone but you. With that said not all areas are currently available. Please check with us to verify that your business area is not already taken. New Dental Leads

  • Client Data

    Client information will be provided to you in two different ways:

    1. You will receive actual calls from prospective patients scheduling their new appointments.
    2. You will have access to a members area that has every new referrals name, email and phone number. This members area can be accessed at any time.

    You will have 24/7 access to detailed reports on a daily and monthly basis containing lead data from all prospective patients that contact your office. You can match this data to the revenue generated by new patients to easily measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. New Dental Leads

  • Targeted, Local Patients

    New Dental Leads Our proven advertising campaigns are setup to target new patients within the geographical location of your practice. We also target specific age groups, gender, marital status, and family statistics to narrow your search to the perfect fit.  In a nutshell this means you end up with only the best candidates that will be around for years to come. This has a huge advantage over other traditional marketing like radio, TV or print, where most people don’t need your services or are too far away.

  • Our Guarantee

    New Dental Leads If you are not completely satisfied for any reason you can cancel at anytime. We will refund you any remaining monthly balance.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    New Dental Leads Marketing companies like to lock clients into long term contracts. There are no contracts or long term obligations. We operate on a monthly basis to keep things simple on your end. What this means is that you can cancel your monthly service at any time, for any reason without paying a penalty like most of those other Internet Marketing firms. We are able to do this because we provide long term value month after month.

  • Customer Service

    New Dental Leads We offer a variety of contact options to make it easier to contact us anytime and anywhere. We can also be reached 24/7 via email system or our support center. Our representatives are available to handle your phone requests or questions weekdays from 9am to 5pm ET. Support Center Email Address Toll Free Number Skype


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